Introduce your product

The latest update for my handmade soap on (similar to ebay) is a challenge.

Prior to post my soap listing, I browsed the handmade soaps offered by my competitors to determine my introduction price. I chose to determine a high selling price for my soap, which is NZD 10.00, in order to understand the Trademe market response. There were only two views and my competitors started to set their selling price above mine as the result.

At the time my listing expired, Trademe offered me to re-list my soap for free. Hence, I have used the opportunity to reduce my selling price to NZD 8.00. So far, I have four views. Well it certainly is better than the last time. We’ll see how it goes.

If none will bid for that price, I will not reduce my selling price. Instead of lowering my price for that soap, I might list a different soap to suit the potential demand on Trademe.

The good news is my friend loves my facial soap. She contacted me to purchase the soap. I was so happy to get a first customer. I think her willingness to buy my soap is her appreciation for the quality of my product. I am optimist that I will sell more facial soaps in the future.


In terms of sending my lotion and soap to Indonesia, I had a problem with the Indonesian custom that considered my parcel as for a commercial purpose. I asked them to provide me the related regulation but so far they referred me to the regulation for commercial purposes only. Thus, I did not want to comply with those regulations, as my parcel is non-commercial (or gift parcel). The Indonesian custom owns my parcel now. Well it was sunk cost.

That incident showed me that no matter how much I learned taxation to understand the difference between the intention to send a gift and the intention to sell product nor that I have read the related Indonesian regulation in regard to sending samples, there might be an external factor to be a barrier in the future.

In concluding my writing, I think there are many ways to introduce your product to your target markets. What you need is to understand how to penetrate the market and the customer buying behaviour. I think the marketing textbooks can be basic information for you to explore. However, the ability to understand your target market challenges is the most useful tool to sell your product.

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