The Power of Information

In this article, I want to highlight the important role of information in decision-making process.

When I confirmed myself that I wanted to create my own soaps and lotions, I started to collect information through some websites, books and workshops. In gaining an understanding of how to make soap bars, I preferred Youtube to help me to visualise the related process difficulty and technique.

Then, I bought some books to get the basic knowledge of soap making. Those books provided me information about the ingredients, equipment, safety issues etc. Next, I attended related workshop to directly observe the process of soap making method.

As chemical ingredient such as sodium hydroxide is used to make soaps, I need to search information about health and safety. I learn the character of ingredients such as oils, whether they are irritant to skin or not. What chemical-resistant equipment should be used? Where to find the suppliers? Are they applying environmental sustainable concept or not? etc.

All information that I have collected, are essential but they are raw. I need to apply my accounting, financial and marketing knowledge to make soap bars. There are some considerations to create my own soap recipes. These considerations include costs of ingredients and equipment, how to finance my soap experiments and who my target customers are. I think it will be better to discuss them in different articles.

The point is that you need to consider some information before you make a decision.

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